Cooks Recruitment

HTK SHIPPING AND IMPORT EXPORT CO.,LTD  is now the owner of 12 ocean freighters from 3,200dwt to 32,500dwt. The company continuously recruits all titles from boat / support.

1. Dossier of requirements:

– Curriculum vitae (certified by the local authority within <3 months)

– ID card, passport, medical certificate (notarized copy for less than 3 months)

– Certificates related to titles according to regulations (notarized copies)

2. Salary according to the agreement and the social insurance, health insurance according to current regulations

3. Place for receiving applications: Floor 2 of HTK Building – 341 Da Nang, Van My Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City.

(Candidates can send their CV via email:

For more information please contact:

– Board of Directors: Mr Ta Tien Luat – Deputy Director: 0985.024.888 (Email:

– Crew Manning Dept: 0225 3 759 401 (máy lẻ 407)  Email:

Mr. Trinh Ba Duy – City: 0962.859.659 (Email:

Mr. Le Hoai Giang: 0978.393.939 (Email:

Mr. Bui Hong Hien: 0903.475.457 (Email: