Our Fleet

1. Fleet capacity

HTK specializes in the Handy- and Supra-Ultramax size segments, mainly focusing on the transportation of coal, grain, sugar, steel and other minerals. The company's fleet includes 9 ships with a total tonnage of 348,261 DWT, running unlimited domestic, regional and international routes. Currently, HTK Vietnam's fleet is present in 5 continents, more than 60 countries and operates more than 10 major routes around the world. The company's fleet is proud to receive positive reviews from experts from Japan NK and UK Lloyd's registers1. Currently, 5/9 of the company's ships have operated in the EU market and one Discovery has repaired docking at Desan Turkey factory. The company is the first unit to have a license to put ships into operation in USA waters issued by the USCG on April 6, 2021. This is one of the big steps of the company in expanding the scale of operations to international level.

2. Fleet development strategy

In the next 5 years, the company plans to develop a fleet to meet 120% of the total tonnage, meeting the needs of customers. With the policy of concentrated capital, the company always devotes resources to developing fleets with larger tonnage, advanced automation technologies, and integrated information storage technology to support the fleet. remote and fast communication, more convenient. Besides, the human factor is also a key issue. We continuously strengthen our capabilities by continuously training and testing our seafarers and people ashore, to not only increase their safety awareness and quality, but also prepare them for the schools. emergencies related to safety and environmental protection.

HTK always looks forward to long-term cooperation with customers. Let us accompany you in future projects!