Presenting 70 gifts to poor households, Agent Orange victims, people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic

( – On the afternoon of December 23, at the headquarters of the Association, the Hai Phong Red Cross Association cooperated with the HTK Import-Export and Shipping Company Limited to organize a program to give gifts to households in difficult circumstances.

Here, the program presents 70 gifts, each worth 540 thousand VND (including cake, rice, cooking oil, MSG… and cash) to poor households, Agent Orange victims, people People affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in the area of 4 districts: Le Chan, Hong Bang, Duong Kinh, Hai An.

Over the past time, the COVID-19 epidemic has developed complicatedly, strongly affecting the lives of people, especially groups of people with extremely difficult and vulnerable circumstances. In order to promptly help the above target group, the City Red Cross has actively mobilized organizations, individuals, and benefactors to join hands to help alleviate the family’s difficulties, helping them to overcome difficulties. difficulties during the pandemic.

The program is a meaningful activity showing the tradition of “mutual love and affection” of the nation, as well as a practical activity to contribute to all levels, sectors and the whole country in repelling the COVID-19 epidemic.

By: Hong Nhung